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Comparison of the best dog door

The cat flap, this trap in the door allowing the animal to enter and leave the house, can be used by the dog. It is even an excellent material for the security of your home and the comfort of the owner and the animal.

We have made for you a comparator of the best dog doors.

Large Petsafe dog door

Large Petsafe dog door


  • easy to install
  • recognizes your dog’s chip
  • curfew mode
  • 4 batteries per year only


  • reserved for small dogs

This pet door is top-of-the-range material as evidenced by its features and functionality. Its dimensions are quite large with an opening measuring 8.5 X 12.5, which is sufficient for small dogs.

It has a chip recognition system or identification medallions. On the day of installation, you program your doggie’s chip using a button on the trapdoor. Then once placed on a wall, door or window, the dog door unlocks automatically when your dog is close.

This is very practical in terms of security. No third party can come and do anything in your house and stray cats don’t get into the habit of breaking into your home.

Another very interesting idea from the manufacturers: a “curfew” mode. A button on the trap door allows you to prohibit entry and exit. Thus, you can make sure that your dog does not go out at night by setting it after 10 pm and allowing the trapdoor to open again from 7 am.

The system works with batteries (not included in the package, so be sure to take some with you when you order). The 4 batteries last about a year. The dog door is therefore not expensive in the long term.

Its installation is relatively easy. You can feel right away that the material is of quality and will not break at the first shock. Living in an apartment, I don’t have this dog door, but a friend’s parents who have a Yorkshire have it and I was bluffed by the mechanism. The animal has become used to being autonomous to go to the toilet and likes to go out through the hatch to sunbathe.

The doggie dog door is a real fulfilling factor for the doggie and I can only recommend it.


Petsafe door – ideal for large dogs

Petsafe door - ideal for large dogs


  • ideal door for large dogs
  • Petsafe quality
  • 3 years warranty
  • easy installation (about 30 min)
  • conducive to energy savings


  • no chip recognition

The main problem with dog doors is their size. It is often unsuitable for dogs weighing up to 100 lbs. This is not the case with this Staywell dog door from Petsafe. Measuring 10.5 X 16.5, it is ideal for all dogs weighing less than 45 kg. If you are looking for such a material for a big dog, this is the best possible dog door.

The quality is there, which is not surprising with the Petsafe brand that we are not used to less. The frame is made of resistant aluminum and fits perfectly in wooden doors, brick, metal, PVC…

For more security, a panel is delivered with the dog door. When you don’t want the hatch to be open (at night, during vacations…), you just have to put it down so that access is impossible.

The transparent plastic door that the dog must pass through to enter is magnetized. It closes quickly and it is made so that the dog door is not energy consuming for your home.

Delivered with a complete installation manual, the dog door has, like all Petsafe products, a 3-year guarantee.

The small downside is the security since the door does not have a chip recognition like the first door of this comparator and the size of the flap allows a big dog to pass, and therefore a medium sized man.

You should therefore think about closing it during your absence and it is preferable to put it on a door opening onto a discreet exterior such as the backyard.


Special “extreme conditions” pet door – several sizes

Special "extreme conditions" pet door - several sizes


  • ideal equipment for low-energy homes or places with extreme temperatures
  • several hatch sizes
  • panel to temporarily block access
  • Petsafe quality and guarantee


  • Longer installation time than other dog doors

This Petsafe cat and dog trap is available in three sizes. So you will find the perfect door for your dog, whether he weighs 4 lbs or 40 lbs.

This dog door is a little expensive, but that is normal considering its characteristic: it adapts to extreme weather conditions. The extra cost is quickly compensated over time by your energy savings. For the owners, the dog door sometimes represents a loophole in their energy bill, while in the summer, it is responsible for the heat entering the house.

This dog doorhas three flaps to fight against this fact. They are insulating without hindering your doggie when entering and leaving the house. If this is the case, you can always raise one of the three flaps. It is recommended for owners living in places where temperatures rise a lot in summer and/or snowy in winter, or to preserve the benefits of a BBC house.

Just like the first Petsafe model of pet door comparator, a panel is provided. It can be used to block access for greater security and to prevent the dog, at certain times, from using the trapdoor.

With its 3-year guarantee and assembly manual, you will not experience any difficulties related to the quality of the material over time. The installation takes longer than other traps. The presence of the 3 leaves makes the dog door thick (5.4 cm) and it is sometimes necessary to cut it a little to fit your door. The manufacturer has taken this into account and it is possible, with a few modifications, to reduce it to 3.5 cm.


Hatch for door

Hatch for door


  • 4 locking systems
  • dimensions adapted to a medium size dog
  • replacement equipment marketed


  • medium watertightness

This Ferplast hatch measures, for the door that opens, 21.8 x 25.5 cm. This is a standard size which is sufficient for an animal of about 15 kilos maximum. Do not hesitate to measure your dog before buying a dog door to check that the dimensions are consistent with its size. Indeed, stocky or slender bodies lead to differences in the required measurements.

This model adapts to all supports: wood, metal, glass and wall. A system is put in place by the manufacturer to prevent drafts. It works well overall, even if you can feel a little air. It is better to put the installation on a door that is not fully exposed to the wind. When this is the case, you can temporarily prevent the animal from leaving.

Indeed, the dog door has 4 locking systems: entry and exit are possible, only entry is possible, only exit is possible, both are prohibited. It is an ideal system that can be adapted to all situations.

The price of the dog dog door is quite low. The installation is quick and it is possible to find in the trade replacement materials if a small part is damaged over time. This is an economical solution rather than buying a whole set.


How to choose a door for your dog?

When choosing a pet door for your dog, the dimensions are the most important criteria. If your pet is small (less than 8 kg), all models are suitable. On the other hand, if he is big, it is better to turn to Petsafe accessories. Check your dog’s measurements before buying the trap.

If your door is exposed to the wind, a good sealing of the material is sufficient. If you are in an area with particularly high or low temperatures, choose a dog door like the last Petsafe in this comparison. The extra euros you will put in at the time of purchase will be fully compensated by the financial gain on your bill and by the additional comfort provided.

Finally, depending on your needs and the location of the dog door, consider the possibilities of temporarily closing the dog door.

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