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Comparison of the best dog gates

To avoid dangerous areas (stairs, parts under construction) or to prohibit access to “private” rooms, the barrier is an excellent solution in your home. It prevents the dog from going everywhere.

We have made for you a comparator of the best dog house gates.

Large expandable black dog gate

Large expandable black dog gate


  • extensible barrier
  • various shapes
  • solid
  • easy to assemble and disassemble

this dog gate, originally for children, is often sold to owners. Indeed, its height makes it ideal for large dogs.

This dog gate is available in several sizes. Adapt it according to the place where you want to put it. The locking mechanisms have been tested and approved according to the current standards for childcare equipment, which means that there are no sharp pieces or nooks where a dog can get its leg stuck.


This stretch barrier impresses with its size. The advantage of this shape, which looks a bit like a dog park or a real kennel, is that it doesn’t just make a border.

It is possible to make it go a little bit forward so that the dog can see what is going on in a room without having access to it. Since dogs are curious, this simple possibility often reassures them and satisfies their desire to observe. You also avoid the noisy moaning of complaints…

The gate opens and closes easily. A locking system prevents untimely openings.

As it is expandable, you can add or remove parts. It is a very good thing if you change its place regularly. You can also imagine protecting access to hazards such as the barbecue or the fireplace by blocking the access to your dog. It is one of the few models, because of its shape, that allows such security for your doggie.

The solidity is ideal. The panels fit together perfectly, which limits the risk of wear and tear after many uses. If your dog takes pressure on it, like a small puppy in its playpen, it will not break.

This dog gate is truly the best. Practical, solid, safe, it is the best of all.

My experience feedback: Since I work at home, Jodie used to stick me all the time and try to climb on my lap… I ended up buying this dog gate so that she could learn to be alone again (well, with her sister Mookie) and leave me a little bit alone. I don’t regret this choice at all and use it almost daily. She comes to see me sometimes when she climbs the gate and then goes back to sleep on her blanket in the living room.


Staircase or dog gate barrier

Staircase or dog gate barrier


  • solid gate
  • requires no drilling


  • dismantled extensibility

With this model, we return to the classics with a simple straight barrier. However, there is still a very large choice in sizes, since 12 different sizes are offered, from 75 to 148 cm wide.

The barriers are made for easy assembly and do not require any holes in the walls. You just have to put the whole thing in the place of the door or staircase you want to prevent access. The height is 77 cm.


This dog gate barrier is an excellent solution to block access. If it does not have multiple shapes like the previous one, it is very effective. The extensibility is quite low (the wooden outlines are there for illustration, but are not provided). Calculate the necessary size before ordering.

If you are a tenant or do not want to damage your walls, this is a very practical alternative. The installation is quick. The height of 77 cm is sufficient for all dogs who do not think they are an athlete.

The opening system remains fast, but far too complicated even for the most intelligent dog. The weight is not very heavy, but the barrier holds well in place despite the adventurous dog’s attempts.


Safety gate for puppies and small dogs

Safety gate for puppies and small dogs


  • ideal barrier for puppies
  • expandable panels
  • no assembly required
  • cheap barrier


  • metal would have been better than wood
  • medium strength

This barrier is specially designed for animals, especially puppies. It exists in two different sizes. Both panels are sliding. By unrolling them, you increase the surface area of the gate and by retracting them, you obtain a canine accessory that is easy to store.

The contours are made of wood and the mesh is made of metal.


These gates are still little used by new owners and most often it is simply because they do not know them.

A friend of mine used it for his young Westie. He used to keep his dog in the living room, put a training mat in the living room, and thus avoided the puppy from urinating in all the rooms. His parents had the same reflex to forbid access to the stairs, which had not full steps and therefore potentially very dangerous.

The gate is not very solid, but since it is intended for young and/or small dogs, it will never have to endure the fury of large dogs. The wood is nice, but if your puppy is a horny guy trying to eat it all, he might succeed in destroying it. Metal would have been a better choice.

Extending the panels comes in handy because you can adapt the size of the gate to the available space. In addition, no assembly is necessary. You carry the barrier, put it where you need it and it’s done! A few seconds of work, no more.

The price of the gate being interesting, it is a good idea to add it in the list of products to buy when the puppy arrives home.


Barrier of house for animals

Barrier of house for animals


  • good barrier
  • solid


  • no freedom in forms
  • limited size

This barrier model is a classic. It is mounted with a pressure system and measures between 76 and 82 cm, depending on how you fix the ends. The handle is thin.


Let’s get to the heart of the matter: there is no reproach to be made about the “existing” in this barrier, but given the competition, there are damaging shortcomings.

Indeed, the barrier is quickly installed, does not require holes and the different locking systems prevent the accidental opening of the gate as soon as the dog leans on it. However, if the gate is faced with a 40 kg dog, it risks letting go because pressure fasteners are not made to resist such a force.

On the other hand, the extension is very limited. Although 76 to 82 cm corresponds to the classic width of a gate, this is a far cry from the comfort and possibilities offered by the first presentation of this dog gate comparator. With this model, don’t expect to protect a chimney or to offer an observation point to your doggie.

To enlarge it, it is necessary to buy an extension to the gate which increases the price without allowing freedom in the shape.

It is therefore an interesting barrier to protect a door, but nothing else. It is preferable to put a little more budget and to offer a material that works on multiple occasions.


How to choose your dog safety gate?

We have seen in this comparator that many gates are originally made for children. This is not a defect, on the contrary. Everyone knows the constraints and obligations imposed on manufacturers of childcare products.

This is useful for your dog because the gates are always smooth and prevent the animal from injuring itself. At the same time, the materials used are safe and no small pieces can fall out and be eaten. Few gates are specially designed for animals, although an exception is visible with the Trixie model.

The priority choice is the size of the gate. To do this, analyze the place(s) where you want to put it. The first model on this page allows you to put your barrier anywhere and even to protect access to dangerous objects. This is a strong advantage. Then, pay attention to the height, but they are often all the same.

Look at the material, even more so if your dog has a tendency to chew everything, which is very common with young or anxious dogs. It would be a shame if your dog spent his afternoons gnawing on weight with the dangers that small pieces pose to his throat and stomach.

Next, choosing a dog gate that can be transported and installed quickly will offer you great comfort in everyday life unless it never moves. Favour a heavy, or at least resistant, barrier to prevent it from falling. If your pet succeeds in making it fall once, there is a good chance that he will try to do it often.

Remember, a dog often has a selective memory. He quickly remembers possible mistakes and where he eats, but forgets your instructions as soon as your head turns… but we still love them!

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