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Comparison of the best dog hair dryers

Are you frustrated to see your dog rolling around after a good bath, turning his beautiful freshly brushed hair into a wasteland? Buy a dryer specially designed for dogs and grooming your companion will be easier.

We have made for you a comparison of the best dog dryers.

Hair dryer for dog 2800 W


  • dries very quickly
  • handy hair dryer
  • several levels possible
  • long pipe
  • low noise



This Kenley dog hair dryer dries your dog’s hair with 2800 watts of power. The emitted temperature varies between 30 and 70°. The latter can be chosen in the parameters.

The dryer weighs approximately 6 kg and emits 50 decibels when it is at full power. The blower hose measures 2.5 meters and 3 nozzles (outlets that send the air) are provided.


Owners who have used this dryer to dry their dogs seem happy. They take it out after grooming or when the dog comes back from a swim, or even when it has rained a lot during his walk.

The first criterion of the test is obviously the drying quality. It is remarkable. Even if your dog is very wet, the blower provides the warm air needed to remove this moisture. For people who used to take a hair dryer for their dog, the change may surprise positively.

The breath and heat are strong enough to do the job. Feel free to set the product to increase/decrease the heat and power.

The noise emitted is quite high and dogs may be a little scared the first few times they hear a dryer running. Reassure them and everything will be fine. Also, as you will see when comparing with other hair dryer, 50 decibels at most is not much.

This first model of our hair dryer comparator is therefore a great success. Its impressive efficiency and handling will delight masters. The hose is long, which makes it suitable for drying a big dog as well as a small one.

audrey laforet paris groomerTHIS IS THE CHOICE OF OUR Groomer!

“Drying the dog is an obligatory step in grooming, but it is often the most complicated because many dogs are afraid of it.

This model is silent and I feel the control of heat and power all the time. I can thus adapt to the dog’s behaviour.

It dries quickly, the dog is less stressed and the rest of the maintenance goes smoothly. I use this one for my dog and those I groom.

Make sure everyone gets a hassle-free grooming by taking this model and remember to take a table for his safety. »

– Audrey LaforEt, groomer in Paris

Blue grooming nozzle for dogs


  • professional quality dryer
  • low noise
  • handy and light weight dryer



This professional dryer is the blue counterpart of the previous model. Sold for less than a hundred euros on Mano Mano, it has a large 2.5 meter hose.

Particularly handy, it is ideal to discover the world of grooming. You can wear it for long minutes and go on all parts of your dog’s body easily.
The noise level is 72 decibels. It is of course still noisy, but in the low medium range. By going crescendo, you get your dog used to the sound of the dryer and his fear does not last.

The temperature is adjustable between 20 and 75 degrees. Vary it according to the humidity of the dog and the dried areas. This heat allows you to quickly warm up your pet and not wait long between bathing and shearing (in case you are doing a complete grooming).

Being a professional equipment, this pulsator is a good choice even for very frequent use. The interchangeable tips are ideal for adapting to different breeds. It is therefore a unique tool no matter the number and type of dogs at home.

Professional dog dryer


  • professional quality equipment
  • beautiful power
  • large choice of temperatures


  • noisy equipment

Available in black and blue, this dog dryer has a power of 2400 watts sending hot air between 20 and 75 °. Weighing 5 kg, it sends out up to 72 decibels maximum.

The cord of the blower measures 2.10 meters. Three interchangeable tips are included in the package. Alternate them according to the size of the wet dog and the dried area. This way, avoid putting a lot of air into sensitive areas such as eyes or ears.


If the power does not reach the first model of this comparator (2400w against 2800w), we still find ourselves with a powerful dryer. Your doggie appreciates this particularity as much as you do because it guarantees a fast drying.

It is a professional equipment, that is to say a quality close to what you could have in a grooming salon. It is quite noisy, but as you can see, this is a remark that applies to all pulpers. If you increase the power crescendo, your dog can tolerate it better and is less afraid.

The variable temperature can be adjusted quickly. You don’t have to wait five minutes for it to reach the level you have chosen.

Grooming hair dryer for Pets


  • the least noisy comparator
  • high power
  • light hair dryer


  • medium quality

This hair dryer is sold in three different colors: pink, black and blue. With a power of 2800 W, it emits up to 60 decibels.

Its flexible tube measures up to 2.50 meters. The manufacturer guarantees a motor capable of working for 800 hours without interruption. Well, in practice, you will never check it unless you create a dog drying plant. That’s not your project, is it?
The product is quite light since it weighs 4 kg. The temperature varies between 30 and 70°C. It is up to you to adjust it with a few buttons on the hair dryer.


At the time of writing this hair dryer comparison, this product has little opinion. However, its characteristics are particularly interesting.

You may have already noticed it, but it is a rather quiet hair dryer. Put it in perspective because it is still very noisy, but it is what you need to warm up your doggie properly. To have better, you will have to take the best dryer on this page. Otherwise, it will be noisier.

Being light, this hair dryer is ideal for people with little strength. You can use it for half an hour without worrying about hurting your arms afterwards. The flip side of the coin is that this dog dryer is of fairly average quality. The 800 hours figure given by the manufacturer seems enormous, especially when you have the dryer in your hand and it gives off a weak plastic impression.

We therefore recommend the two previous blowers for very frequent use. If it’s for about fifteen firings a year, this one will do the job.

Dog hair dryer 2800 W


  • high power
  • long threads


  • very noisy
  • medium quality

With this model, we find a power of 2800 W. The hose is 2.5 m long so that you can easily go around the dog to dry it, while the cable to connect it to the plug is 2.15 m long.

The temperature can be adjusted between 35 and 75°C. The hair dryer is also delivered with three nozzles to be fixed at the end of the hose. The maximum emitted decibels is 78 decibels.


This dog pulser has some very interesting qualities. First of all, the power is high which ensures a welcome speed of execution. If we often enjoy interacting with our doggie, the drying phase is rarely the most interesting for him as for us.

The size of the threads and the hose are ideal to be able to move and go on all areas without having to do stunts or twist in all directions. On the other hand, the 78 decibels are a lot. We already noticed for the two previous hair dryers the noisy character, but they were less noisy than this blower.

The quality of the canine accessory is good, without being exceptional. It’s enough for weekly use, but don’t expect to run it for two hours a day for months. It may let you go before then.

How to choose your dog hair dryer?

Buying a dryer for your dog is a great idea. Dogs hate getting wet. The most excited ones, when they have wet hair, rub everywhere with great vigor. This can even be dangerous between falls or bumps in furniture. However, it is a reflex for them and it is very important to reason with them.

From an aesthetic point of view, a dog that rubs itself in this way will mess up its hair. If you chiseled his coat and took thirty minutes to brush him the day before, it’s hard to see him ruin everything in a few seconds.

The hair dryer therefore improves the dog’s comfort by drying him and prevents him from looking like a used broom.

To choose the best hair dryer, the most important criteria are power, temperature and decibels emitted. The dog does not like noise, but it is important to persevere a little. Always start by using the dryer at a low power level, which limits the noise, and increase as you go along.

This will allow your dog to get used to it gently. A behaviour to be prolonged with the temperature since we advise you not to put too much heat at the beginning. The idea is not to toast your dog with a dryer but to remove the humidity and make his coat dry. A temperature of 50°C is therefore more than sufficient.

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