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Comparison of the best dog houses

If your dog lives outdoors or is often outdoors, providing shelter is a great idea. He can rest there, play with accessories and protect himself from the elements.

The price of a dog house is a small investment and you’d better choose it wisely. We have made a comparison of the best doghouses for you.

Small wooden dog house

Small wooden dog house

This small wooden doghouse exists in two colors (grey and red) and in two different sizes. The roof is sloping in order to drain the rainwater. Of course, it is also waterproof.

Several runners ensure a better stability of the dog house and make it possible to put it everywhere, inside or outside, without damaging the covering. This elevation also prevents the wood from getting mouldy.


This house made for small or medium size dogs is both very aesthetic and ergonomic. This wooded side and the design chosen by the manufacturer Petsfit are very beautiful.

For the dog, it is a great pleasure to enter it. The opening is done through a door protected by transparent plastic, just like in a cold room. The doggie has no difficulty to get in and out, regardless of his age and physical abilities. This entrance also prevents a whole bunch of insects or animals from visiting the house.

Inside, there is a cozy wooden floor that can be completed with a dog blanket for even more comfort. The floor is removable. As the owner, this is good news because you can remove it completely to wash it. Simply move the removable roof and lift the wooden plate off the floor.

The assembly of the dog house is very quick. Simple screwdrivers are enough to put it in place and the holes are already started to make it easier. It resists well over time and may be present for several years in your garden.


Plastic dog house

Plastic dog house


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  • natural ingredients
  • good smell
  • suitable for all coats


  • fairly liquid shampoo

The best selling doghouse on Amazon, this Dogvilla model exists in three sizes: M, L, XL. The first size is made for small dogs, of about ten kilos and less since it measures 62 x 43 x 45 cm, and the two others are for larger dogs.

Contrary to the first model of house comparator for animals, this one is made of plastic and not of wood. With this choice of material, it is relatively light and weighs 6 kg.

The flagship model of the brand, the house has several accessories designed especially for it, such as a house door that can be fixed with a few screws and a waterproof cushion. These extras make the price of the house a little bit higher, but as it is a material that you will keep for a long time and that your dog uses regularly, this investment is worth it.


If plastic does not give off the same strength as a wooden niche, it is rather resistant. Plastic plates are quite thick. This width is also welcome for assembly. Everything can be assembled quickly.

The variety of sizes makes this house suitable for all breeds. Even if a dog does not need a huge house, it is better to choose a shelter where he will have some space and can move around.

Looking like a real house, the roof is sloping and drains rainwater. Some fasteners are included in the package for the roof. Don’t neglect them and use them or it will be badly held and could fly away when the wind blows strong. A cushion is a definite plus. To put it on or take it off easily, take advantage of the possibility to quickly remove an element from the niche.

Wooden dog house

Wooden dog house


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Let’s continue with Ferplast with this model entirely made of wood. This shelter is available in six different sizes, offering a very wide choice, a rather rare advantage since manufacturers often settle for one or two sizes.

The wood is treated to withstand the elements. Inside the house, there is a ventilation grid so that the dog can breathe as well as possible no matter how hot it is or where it lives. To maintain it, the roof can be removed and the grid can be cleaned.

Four rather wide feet are present and screwed to raise the house a little.


This model confirms the brand’s know-how for niche markets. The price of this doggie house is more expensive than the previous one, but this difference is mainly due to the material (wood).

In addition to its aesthetics, wood brings a great resistance. Heavier, the doghouse is also able to resist shocks and never moves under the weight of the animal. Several sizes are available to ensure that you always have the ideal proportions for your dog.

Remember when you are choosing the house that the dimensions indicated by the manufacturer are those of the house as mounted, and not of the living space for the dog (which is necessarily a little smaller). So always plan a little bigger.

The assembly of this accessory is simple. It takes a bit of strength to secure the feet with small screws or electrical equipment, but it is similar to what you find on many furnishings.

For the price, especially if you take the larger models that exceed 200 dollars, we would have liked to have accessories in the package such as a door for the house or a comfortable rug for the dog.



“This house combines all the qualities of a good product for your dog.

The variety of sizes allows you to find the right one. For an old or imposing dog, an unsuitable shelter is a horror.

The treated weight and the feet of the house offer him a cool place in summer and warm in winter. What more could you ask for?

Aesthetics? This is out of my professional frame, but I must admit that the charm of a wooden house is no longer demonstrated.



Wooden dog house

Wooden dog house

This wooden niche has a traditional style. When you think of a niche, it is often such a design that comes to mind. A dog shelter resembling a house, with a very sloping roof, a large open entrance so that the dog can lie down and watch everything that is going on outside.

Several feet raise the height of this house which comes in two different sizes.


First of all, if you want to buy this doghouse, pay attention to the dimensions. At the moment, the manufacturer shows a large labrador in the house. However, this assembly is misleading since the dimensions (100 x 88 x 99) are too small for such a breed. This house is made for dogs of twenty kilos and less.

The asphalt roof is completely waterproof, no matter how heavy the rain or snow is. The feet are quite high, which is very good on a lawn since the element does not damage it. However, it doesn’t make it very high either and even older dogs can climb on it.

The kit is rather well done, because it is easy to assemble. A few minutes and your beautiful house is ready to use! Wood is always a plus. This material makes the dog house beautiful, but many masters, in their opinions, have reservations about the quality of the wood and fear that the life span is not very long.


How to choose a house for your dog?

Choosing your pet’s house is not an easy decision for several reasons: high cost, material taking up a lot of space, accessory used for a long time, large choice available…

The house, a safe and pleasant place for the dog!

Taking the time to think about it is a great idea and even if I don’t have a house for Jodie, I have seen my father-in-law have great difficulty finding a house for his Newfoundland.

In his case and for many other owners, size is the main concern. If your dog is big and cannot get through the front door of his house without twisting, he will never get in. Instead of tinkering with the house by making the entrance larger and breaking off part of the model, choose the right size from the start.

Since the niche is in the garden, a place you love because it relaxes, its style matters. Wood is obviously the most common material and when you see the beauty of the models in this material, you understand why. However, with a plastic model of the quality of Ferplast put in this niche comparator, we are not mistaken.

Opt for a solid and resistant material. It will be outdoors no matter what the weather is like and over the long term. However, if it gets mouldy or if the ground gets wet with every rain, it will deteriorate quickly and your dog will have no place to protect himself and sleep when the weather is bad.

A removable roof for the house is also a good idea and it should be cleaned regularly. Too many owners make the mistake of leaving the house to the dog without ever paying attention to its condition and cleanliness. That’s how your dog starts to smell or how he gets fleas. Clean the house at least once a month. Shake the cushion, wash with water, remove the hair on the floor and you’re done!

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