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Comparison of the best dog puppy pad

You don’t have the possibility to always take your dog out when he feels like it or you want to learn how to clean it? Discover dog litter! This accessory can change your life…

We have made for you a comparator of the best dog litter boxes for dogs.

Petsafe dog potty (synthetic toilet grass)

Petsafe dog potty


  • Petsafe is always so qualitative
  • odor-capturing powder
  • Replaceable lawn
  • very easy to clean



If you come regularly to Be Happy Jodie, you already know that I like the Petsafe brand very much and that I own several materials of the brand. With it, you don’t fear destruction (and therefore, lost money) in a few weeks.

All of its accessories are of quality and this dog litter box is another proof of that. It exists in three different sizes: for small, medium and large dogs. This product is therefore a good idea if you have a puppy of small or large breed, or adult dogs of all sizes that need a litter box (incontinence, inability to go outside, convalescence…).

The system is simple. A fake lawn is on the tray. The dog, when he wants to relieve himself, climbs on it and relieves himself. Then you clean it with a cleaning spray (think about buying it!) or with warm water. Powder, supplied with the litter box, makes it easier for you to capture odours and liquids.

The lawn changes. Just buy a replacement lawn. It only takes a few minutes to change it.

My uncle, who always uses litter boxes to housebreak his puppies, told me he changes the lawn once every three months. This is more economical and environmentally friendly than the traditional puppy training mats.

Synthetic lawn requires teaching the dog to go on it. Indeed, while some dogs climb on it naturally, others are reluctant at first. You can see it in the Amazon comments, but like everything else, having a dog often means a lot of learning.

Nevertheless, once he understands it, it’s really a joy. It will finally be the end of the moments when you wash, crouch, the huge pee of your dog and pick up the smelly poop with a simple handkerchief.

You are now less stressed, don’t get angry anymore and this is restful for you, and beneficial for the master/dog relationship. Indeed, if you are less in conflict or irritated with your dog (even if you know full well that some of his droppings are normal, you are rarely happy to pick them up…), you are more available for training, playing and developing a closer relationship.


julien labadiotIT’S OUR EDUCATOR’S CHOICE!

“Lawn litter has my full support. I find them consistent since the goal is to have a dog that grows up on grass.

I also recommend them for dogs that cannot go outside for the same reason. However, a litter box does not mean that it is OK to never take your dog outside. Take him out at least twice a day even if he has already done his business.

This Petsafe model is simple to use, solid, low odour and pleasant for the little paws of the doggie.

It’s THE safe bet!”

– Julien Labadiot, behaviorist in France

Grass litter box for dogs

Grass litter box for dogs


  • captures odours well
  • quality equipment
  • quick cleaning


  • only one size available

This is the first time I’ve heard of this brand. Its dog litter box is nevertheless unanimously acclaimed.

The method is the same as with Petsafe, with a synthetic lawn. It’s a good idea to use such a litter box because it gets the dog used to doing his business on grass, a surface that he finds outside.

This litter has three levels. In addition to the lawn, it helps kill germs and captures odours. Even if you put it in your apartment, the tray will not be responsible for a nauseating odour throughout your home.

Cleaning it is child’s play. Put on gloves and wash in hot soapy water. It is recommended to do this once a week or after difficult digestion.

The pet litter box measures 50 x 63 cm. It is a size that is suitable for all puppies and adult dogs weighing less than 20 kilos. For large dogs, this is too small and I advise you to opt for the previous Petsafe model. This last one having several sizes, you will find the right one for your big dog.


Litter box for puppies and small dogs

Litter box for puppies and small dogs


  • urine flows well
  • cheap litter box


  • only for small dogs
  • not natural for dogs
  • average overall quality

This inexpensive litter box is very simple. It does not have synthetic turf like the two previous ones.

Its size is 47 x 35 cm and it can support up to 60 kg. Nevertheless, don’t make a mistake and read the dimensions again. This size is consistent with a puppy or dog of about 15 kg, not more.

For a big dog, I advise you to take the first model of litter box comparator: the Petsafe.

This litter box is available in pink and blue. With its mesh design, the tray absorbs the dog’s excrement well and all you have to do is empty it and clean it.

Puppies and dogs sometimes find it difficult to cope with this unnatural product. It is preferable to use grass or the training mats (I’ll tell you about them just below).

If the price of this litter box is attractive, it remains a medium quality product. It can be used a few times, but if it’s for everyday use, prefer another one. This will make your daily life easier!


The alternative: Training pads

Training pads


  • hygienic mat
  • encourages the dog to relieve himself
  • no smell at home


  • confined space not suitable for all dogs

The litter box may not be what you want or need. I know that many people don’t like the idea of having a reusable material when the dog has defecated on it…

In this case, the training pads are the best solution. They are disposable. The model you see here is sold by 100 units. If you change the pad every night, it leaves you a quarter of cleanliness for a cost of $0.40 per day!

The disadvantage is that you have to throw the pads away often and replace them. But at the same time, the pads absorb urine very well, so you never get your “hands in the dog’s piss”.

These training pads contain a scent that is attractive to the dog. Carefully studied, it makes the dog want to relieve himself on it and therefore the toilet training is faster.

Another advantage is that the training pads are glued to the floor. So, if you are looking for an accessory to help an old incontinent dog, you don’t give him a litter box that he has to climb up? There, no effort is required!

If you would like to know more about these materials, check out my guide on training pads.


How to choose your litter box?

The litter box is really a welcome help for the teacher. If the principle of making your dog urinate at a decided place is old, the quality of the materials is more recent.

Before buying your mat, especially if you have a large dog, make sure that the size is appropriate. Then, the grass remains a sure value.

In your interior, it does not swear and your dog generally appreciates this covering, while his passage to dung outside will be facilitated.

Make sure you use a highly absorbent dog litter box. This is the case of the three that I have presented in this comparison, but it is not always so.

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