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Comparison of the best dog poop scooper

If you are a good citizen on the street or don’t want to see your garden become your doggie’s toilet, you need to pick up his poop regularly. With a small dog, holding an upturned bag is enough.

For a large dog with big needs, only the pooper scooper can help you. We have made for you a comparator of the best dog poop scoopers.

Long poop scooper

Long poop scooper


  • solid reference product
  • ergonomics
  • well sealed shovel
  • long handle



ss practical!

This 80 cm model has a locking system and a spinning nozzle to catch poop on the ground more easily.

On the handle, several rings are there to hang excrement bags.


This dog poop scooper is very ergonomic. You will quickly take it in hand. The opening of the shovel is simple to operate, while the handle is easy to hold. The jaws are strong and do not let any pieces fall out once closed.

Some masters clean them regularly, others do not. If you are in the second category, our tip is to put a trash bag around the jaws of the poop scoop. This way, you can throw it away at regular intervals for better hygiene without having to clean the accessory.

It’s a real pleasure to be able to clean without bending down and without getting close to the poop. The 80 cm long handle is long enough but still light enough. This length is the longest you will find.

The only downside of the masters is that the shovel is a bit small to clean the biggest poop in one go. However, you can do it very well in several times and to pick up the droppings of a Newfoundland or other large dogs in one go, you would need a very large tool, which would have other disadvantages.


Picking up dog poop

Picking up dog poop


  • ergonomic pooper scooper
  • very solid shovel


  • a little short handle

With its pretty name (poo), this model is one of the best selling poop scoopers. It comes with 15 bags included. However, the presence of these bags shouldn’t be your determining criterion because 500 dog poop bags cost less than a dozen dollars…

The handle of the accessory measures 71 cm. If it is obviously intended to catch your doggy’s needs, the shovel is guaranteed solid by the manufacturer. It can even pick up pebbles, snow, etc…


This poop scooper is a very good model. It is solid and the manufacturer has designed a practical tool. At hand level, the notches are well placed and it is easy to open and close the jaws of the shovel.

Its solidity is an advantage when walking on difficult terrain. You are sure that the shovel will pick up everything without getting damaged. The capacity is larger than the Handiscoop. However, for very large poop, two or three passes are usually necessary to remove everything from the ground.

The handle is a bit short. 71 cm is enough for people measuring 1m75 and less, but beyond that, it forces you to bend.


Rake and shovel to pick up poop

Rake and shovel to pick up poop


  • very simple but effective
  • easy storage
  • light weight
  • handy for big poops


  • can be used with two hands
  • the rake lets some pieces pass through

Why make it complicated when you can make it simple? Where all the other manufacturers are looking for ergonomic and innovative tools to catch your doggie’s droppings, Company Of Animals has chosen to do the classic: a rake and a shovel.


This simple rake does the job in 95% of the cases. With very small droppings, the tines can leave some recalcitrant on the ground. However, if you have an animal doing big errands, it is sometimes easier to use this model than those with jaws.

The handle is long enough to avoid bending down each time. The material weighs a little over a kilo and is therefore not a nuisance. Obviously, its use requires the use of both hands unlike the jaws. If you have to keep your dog on a leash, it is not very practical. On the other hand, if your dog is outdoors or if you pass in your garden with it, it is not a problem.

The two parts fit together and can be stored very easily in a garage or against a wall. The materials used do not deteriorate with the weather. Simple, but effective!


Jawed poop scoop

Jawed poop scoop


  • shovel that opens well
  • beautiful model
  • convenient to carry


  • handle too small
  • medium quality

This dog excrement scoop impresses by its shape. If on picture it looks like a very big accessory, it is more nuanced once you receive it.

It is made with eco-friendly materials. It is possible to separate it in two parts, which is handy if you want to go on vacation with your usual shovel to pick up your dog’s droppings at your place of stay.

The poop scooper measures about sixty centimetres. It comes with a roll of bags and a dispenser to store the bags.


The photo is misleading since the material is relatively small. This is even a negative point since 60 cm is not much for the handle. If you measure more than 1m70, you will have to bend a little.

The jaws of the shovel open well and the capacity is correct, similar to what the Handiscoop offers.

Its style differs from the other models presented. Of course, aesthetics is not the priority for an accessory having this use, but it is always a pleasure to have something beautiful.


Large dog poop scooper

Large dog poop scooper


  • large poop catching tray
  • real shovel for the handle
  • cheap


  • small opening of the shovel
  • average overall quality

This model stands out on our poop scooper comparator: First of all, the style of the handle is different. There is not a handle like a remote control with a trigger underneath, but rather a real shovel handle.

Secondly, the poop scooper is especially large to allow owners of large dogs like labradors or German shepherds to catch everything in one go.


The handle of this poop scooper measures 72 cm, which remains among the standards observed. Its big strong point is the capacity of the shovel allowing a large quantity of dung to be taken. But, what is paradoxical is that the opening of the shovel remains small.

Therefore, even if there is room, you will never be able to take it all at once, which is a great pity.

The quality of the product is relatively average. There is not a lot of strength that comes out when you are using the poop scooper. Afterwards, you have to be aware that this is a cheap dog poop catcher and that at this price, the manufacturer has necessarily had to make a choice on the materials used which are not intended to last for years.

The grip is very correct. You will quickly manage to use it without hassle.


How to choose the right accessory to pick up the droppings?

Dog accessory manufacturers are very creative in creating practical products for owners (and obviously increase their sales). The poop scooper is one of those good ideas. In the old days, people either didn’t pick up poop or picked it up with a large, heavy, impractical metal shovel.

Poop scoops are a way to be civic-minded and hygienic!

Today, leaving your dog’s poop on the street is not only a selfish act for the passers-by who will follow, but a fact punished by a fine. And in your private garden, there is nothing worse than seeing your lawn end up as a dog toilet…

The poop scooper is therefore welcome, especially since it saves you from squatting with a bag on your hand and trying as best you can not to put your finger in the poo by catching the droppings. An activity that becomes a feat with a large dog or even a smaller one that gets loose after a period of constipation!

When choosing your poop scooper, focus your attention on quality. The principle being simple, there is no revolution to be expected between two references. Opt for a durable accessory like the Handiscoop, defined as the best dog poop scooper on our page. It’s better to put $10 more at the beginning for a durable product, rather than multiply the cheap models that change every six months.

Depending on your size, pay attention to the size of the handle. The quality and the opening of the jaws are also to be looked at carefully. Finally, depending on the space you have, select or not a poop scooper according to its dimensions.

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