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Comparison of the best dog stairs

A dog ramp is a perfect accessory to avoid having to carry your dog. Whether it’s because he’s heavy or because you have physical concerns, this equipment is a real help.

We have made a comparison of the best car ramps for dogs.

Trixie telescopic dog ramp

Trixie telescopic dog ramp


  • light ramp
  • solid ramp
  • non-slip floor

This grey Trixie dog ramp is adjustable up to 25”. The ramp weighs 9 lbs and accepts a weight of up to 55 lbs.


This ramp for access to the car is an excellent accessory. Your dog will love to use this aid to get into the car or on its trunk protection. For you, it’s a great comfort because you don’t have to carry it anymore.

We particularly appreciate the capacity of this ramp. With 55 lbs allowed, you can have any breed on it without it letting go. The size is relatively long. With 100 to 150 cm, it is possible both to climb in long vehicles or to have a low inclination.

Despite its impressive appearance, the ramp remains very light. 9 lbs is often less than a simple backpack filled. While the adjustable height is very convenient, the minimum height remains quite large.

The floor is non-slip, which is a valuable asset for trips in wet weather. Your dog won’t slip and fall before getting into your vehicle. This is definitely a great ramp on our comparison.


Petsafe Telescopic Pet Ramp

Petsafe Telescopic Pet Ramp


  • very large ramp
  • does not slip
  • Petsafe quality
  • very large capacity


  • high price

If you regularly read our dog accessory tips, you have surely understood that Petsafe is a well known brand on the market. This XL ramp weighs 10 lbs and accepts up to 150 lbs.

The ramps measures 62 x 16 x 4 inch and has a non-slip surface.


The first thing that catches your eye is the length of this pet ramp: it is very long. You may not need a size, but for people who do, it’s often a relief to find one like this.

The surface and the large width guarantee the dog a good balance. He can walk across it in all serenity. This surface is similar to what you find for skateboards, so you can imagine its “anti-slip” virtue.

It can be used with large animals that refuse to get into the car as well as dogs with physical problems. For the latter, a ramp is a perfect complement to the dog stairs they have in their home.

There are several models available, but they are sometimes hard to find because they are regularly out of stock. So, if you see this dog ramp available on the website and you want it, don’t wait before ordering.

The ramp is really XL, which means that it is heavier than the competition’s products, although still light, and takes up space. With 155 lbs, you can have three huge dogs on it at the same time. This is really a remarkable strength.

The price of this ramp is a bit high, but the quality is there, as often with Petsafe!


Petsafe Aluminium dog ramp 47 – 87 inch

Petsafe Aluminium dog ramp 47 - 87 inch


  • large ramp
  • easy to install and remove
  • compact storage
  • great sturdiness


  • expensive (but quality) material

This ramp can be folded to form a compact and easy to store stand, as shown in the picture.

When you unfold it, it measures 47-87 in, L X 20 in W X 4 in H. It supports a weight of 300 lbs and can thus pass any size of dog. That’s perfect for big dogs!

Ergonomics is at the rendezvous. It is as easy to put in place as to remove and fold. The width allows all dogs, including the less agile, to climb into the car easily.

Made of aluminum, the dog equipment lasts for years. The price is a bit high, but this is a dog ramp for people who need it very often. If you only take your dog for a drive once a month, you can go for less.

If you are making this purchase for a daily outing, then the convenience and sturdiness of this ramp is worth the financial effort.


Foldable dog ramp

Foldable dog ramp


  • travel ramp
  • quality materials


  • very bulky for a travel ramp
  • small dimensions

If the previous two products in this dog ramp comparison were telescopic, this one is foldable. In fact, there are three parts that can be unfolded and folded in order to take less space.

The manufacturer wanted with this model to offer an accessory to travel with his dog. The ramp is quite small since it measures 71 x 19.5 x 4 inches. It can support up to 90 kg of load.


The main quality of this dog ramp is obviously its desire to please the traveling owners. This is a commendable effort as we quickly forget that a dog means a lot of materials to carry and a lot of preparation.

The ramp is small enough for this purpose. This size is correct for the majority of vehicles, even if for the highest vehicles it creates a ramp with a strong inclination.

Nevertheless, we regret that this desire for portability disappears when it comes to storing the ramp. Indeed, despite its small size, it takes up much more space than the best ramp of this comparison. Even when folded, it takes up a lot of space in your trunk.

The materials are of good quality and the 150 lbs load capacity is enough for any dog, even the heaviest.

It is therefore difficult to give it a bad mark because the whole thing is still correct, but the desired qualities are not there. Prefer another ramp to the car!


Cheap dog ramp

Cheap dog ramp


  • cheap ramp
    big size


  • average quality
  • very bulky
  • foldable but not telescopic

Second Trixie ramp of this comparator, this model is mainly intended for small budgets. It is still quite large since it measures 60 inches with a width of 16 inches. Made of black plastic, it also has a floor to prevent slipping.

This ramp is not telescopic, but foldable. It supports 200 lbs.


This cheap ramp has some serious advantages for it. Obviously, the price is highly appreciated, as well as the size. With 156 cm, you can create a suitable slope for all vehicles and the health of the dog.

Indeed, you don’t put the ramp in the same way for a lazy dog who refuses to jump into the car when he could, and for an arthritic dog.

The ramp is made of plastic. It’s not the strongest material in the world, but it’s not fragile. The foldable side makes the object a bit bulky.

So it’s still a coherent choice if your budget is tight. It’s better to buy this ramp than to leave your dog suffering every time he gets into the car. Nevertheless, you have products that are much better for both the owner and the dog, higher up on this comparison.


How to choose a dog ramp?

A dog ramp is a great idea. My mother-in-law has taken to using one for her Newfoundland who has a bad hip. For the dog, getting into the car is no longer a problem while the owner doesn’t have to repeat ten times to get into the trunk. Since the dog is no longer in pain or strain, he does it without complaint.

Among the features that should influence your decision to buy a ramp, weight and size are at the top of the list. 90% of ramps are strong enough to withstand the weight of any dog, but there are a few exceptions if you’re desperate to get the cheapest ramp possible.

In terms of comfort, the telescopic ramp is the best. It “unrolls” so that it can be extended. When you store it, it is often a little longer than the folding ones, but much less wide. Their weight is relatively low. That’s why the first two models in the comparison have this quality.

Next, make sure the material is solid. Aluminum is best, but some plastics are surprisingly good.

Finally, try to find a non-slip ramp. Your dog’s paws are often wet, and while his little pads help him not to slip, the ramp ordeal can be dangerous if it’s like an exercise on an ice rink.

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