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Comparison of the best dog protective and recovery collar

You just came out of the vet and he advised you to get a collar? My female dogs have also been there and they survived! If the collar is annoying, it remains an effective protection.

I compared several models for you. Discover them in this dog collar comparator.

Inflatable and adjustable protective collar

Inflatable and adjustable protective collar


  • inflatable and adjustable collar
  • several sizes available
  • little discomfort for the dog
  • easy to store and clean



It’s been a long time since I’ve used the plastic cones given to me by the vet. The accessory shows too high, the dog is drooling inside, the sounds of plastic bumping into the furniture wake you up…

With the inflatable collar, the master and the dog are delighted. Let’s start with the most important of the two: your companion.

The protective collar doesn’t cover his whole mouth. So he can continue to smell outside and drink from his bowl without being disturbed. He also has very good eyesight, while the padded side of the collar will serve him well for sleeping comfortably in his basket.

With the adjustable strap, the dog sees his recovery collar hold in place despite his movements. His acceptance of the accessory is much greater than with a classic cone. He can wear it constantly: for walking, playing, eating, drinking, in the car, on the sofa…

This is the type of collar that I took for Jodie after her sterilization and I was absolutely delighted.

Moreover, the price of the collar is not expensive. On Amazon, you will find many more expensive products… and less practical!

As a master, you will appreciate the ease of storage. You deflate the collar and it fits in any closet. I put mine in a large plastic tray that holds my dogs’ accessories. It’s better than a plastic cone that often ends up in the basement or thrown away. It is also possible to open the zipper on the side to take out the airbag. This way, you can machine wash the cover.

In short, I see only advantages to this dog collar! Available in four sizes, you will find the model you need no matter if you have a puppy, small dog, medium dog or large dog.


Foam padded recovery dog collar

Foam padded recovery dog collar


  • suitable for all sizes
  • easy structuring of the cone
  • quick cleaning and storage
  • firm attachments


  • Opaque collar that reduces the dog’s vision

If the first recovery collar is excellent, it is not the only model with qualities! Take a look at this one.

It is available in six sizes to fit all of our companions’ sizes. It is not inflatable or plastic, but padded. Several fasteners allow the surgery collar to be structured to fit snugly around the dog’s neck.

Velcro straps ensure a firm and practical closure, while several reflective strips improve your dog’s visibility to handlers or bystanders when it’s dark.

The protective collar is water resistant and can be easily washed with soap.

Solid, it’s a good product. Nevertheless, the dog is not as comfortable as possible with this collar because it remains opaque. He can’t see well on the sides, unlike the previous collar, and this frustrates him.


How to choose your dog recovery collar?

Your first decision when buying a dog recovery collar is to choose the right size for your dog. If you have more leeway than a product such as a dog coat, do not choose a model made for large dogs if you have a Cavalier King Charles because you will have to over tighten the ties.

The vet’s plastic cones are often blocked with a thread and a knot must be made as for the shoelaces of the shoes. I prefer velcro fasteners which are easier to put on and take off. Moreover, it’s a greater protection because I’m always afraid to see an animal blocking the thread, tightening it and strangling itself?

The best is to find a model with good visibility and easy to store. This makes the dog happy and does not disturb his daily life too much. There is nothing sadder than to see an animal pouting, walking slowly outside with a depressed look on his face because his collar frustrates him.

As for the easy storage, it saves you from throwing the product away after each use because you don’t want to clutter up your cupboards. It’s better for the environment and your savings!

When to use a dog collar for surgery?

The collar is used after each operation. Its purpose is to prevent dogs from licking the wound and infecting it or preventing it from healing. For them, licking is an instinctive reflex to relieve pain, to feel the taste of a product or their blood, or to deal with an embarrassing sensation…

It must therefore be worn continuously, because as soon as your head is turned, the dog will rush to try to lick himself.

The protective collar can also be put on after applying a cream or lotion. It prevents him from eating it in a few seconds. The collar is often used to treat skin infections.

Large wounds may also require the application of the cone while the wound is healing.

So there are quite a few scenarios and that’s why I always have protection available. Since I now have two bitches, the veterinarian advises me to wear a body suit (sticky clothing on the body) rather than a cone, because if the latter prevents the sick dog from licking himself, he leaves the door open for his friend to come and do it for him!

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