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Comparison of the best dog scissors

Do you want to cut your dog’s hair? Use an adapted pair of scissors to make it easier and respectful of the quality of his hair.

We have made for you a comparison of the best dog scissors. They will help you to maintain your dog and grooming will be easier.

Japanese Dog Scissors

Japanese Dog Scissors


  • 4 ergonomic scissors
  • solid products
  • easy cut
  • sturdy storage pocket

This pair of grooming scissors is of professional quality. Made of stainless steel, it is ergonomic and silent. The package includes 4 scissors to take care of your cat or dog :

  • 1 up-curved scissor
  • 1 chisel curved down
  • 1 cutting chisel
  • 1 thinning chisel

Measuring about twenty centimeters each, they are stored in a box with a brush to clean the clothes.


Owners who have purchased the pair of dog scissors are unanimous on Amazon: this is an excellent product. The dog scissors are ergonomic and do not jam at the thumb level. Heavy enough, their grip is natural and they do not slip.

You can use them for several hours every day without having sore hands. They are therefore very good for a pair of professional grooming scissors.

The variety of parts available allows you to cut the hair of all breeds of dogs: curly hair, stiff hair, long hair, short hair… Any type of grooming is allowed, from the real cut to the simple idea of thinning the animal’s hair. Depending on your dog, you may need a dog clipper in addition.

Doggie grooming is a pleasure. For him too, the advantages are there. If he has knots, such quality guarantees a quick and safe cut of these hair lumps. It doesn’t pull him.

The storage bag is handy to keep all the scissors together without damaging them.

If you need to choose the best pair of grooming scissors, take this one.


Grooming scissors kit for dogs

Grooming scissors kit for dogs


  • impressive blade efficiency
  • curved scissor tip
  • a pressure screw sometimes useful


  • finger placement too tight for large hands

This set of two steel scissors includes :

  • 1 scissor of 16.5 cm
  • 1 chisel with a smooth blade of 16.5 cm.

Each point is slightly curved, while the finger hole has a rubber coating for the comfort of the groomer’s fingers. A screw gives you the possibility to tighten the chisel or not. It is up to you to adapt it, if necessary, to your dog’s coat.


The blades of these two grooming scissors are remarkable. Caring for your dog is much easier with such items. Whether it’s for a real cut or just to remove a few stuck or misplaced spots, the accessory does the job perfectly.

The curvature at the tip of the blades is welcome because it protects the dog. You can’t cut it even if you have imprecise gestures. These are therefore excellent scissors for people who are new to grooming. As a reminder, we have also given you on this page some tips on how to choose your grooming table.

The rings of the scissors are painless. However, for men with big hands, they are a bit small. But if you are a woman or a thin man, there is no need to worry about that.

You won’t often, if ever, need the set screw. But, if you have big tufts of hair, it can be useful. If you decide to cut a lot of hair in one go, be careful to take only hairs . Grooming an animal is not like cutting human hair, and dogs, especially those with folds, require real attention during exercise to avoid cuts.


Dog Scissors Set

Grooming scissors kit for dogs


  • low price
  • 5 pieces in the box
  • solids


  • scissors that are not very effective

This box contains 4 pairs of scissors with an identical distribution with the first product presented on this comparison of grooming scissors.

It is suitable for all types of dogs and cats. The loop to put the fingers is 2 cm in diameter with a rubber ring so that your skin will not be painful after several hours of work on your pet.

It also contains a small comb which is very useful to loosen the hair and to brush the dog quickly. For a real brushing, however, prefer a tool adapted for this purpose.


The price of the grooming scissors is very interesting, especially with the 5 pieces that make up this set. Each accessory has a precise use and allows a complete grooming of the animal.

Solid, they seem to be ready to last several years. A small drawback concerning the sharpening scissors which is not as effective according to some opinions. With a better knowledge of the pair, you will learn how to incline it by increasing its action, but it remains perfectible.


Head and leg scissors

Head and leg scissors


  • excellent chisel for head and legs
  • high quality


  • too small for big fingers
  • does not allow a complete grooming

This chisel is not made to cut all your dog’s hair. With its round tip, it is only used for the head and legs. These are two areas that are difficult to access or have different shapes, so you have to take such an accessory.

With it, you don’t cut your dog and accidents are avoided. However, this does not mean that the chisel does not cut. The blades are sharp.

These scissors measure about ten centimeters and are made of steel.


If this pair is the last test on our page, it doesn’t mean that it is a bad product. If we put it here, it’s because this accessory is specialized. Unlike the different grooming kits on this page, you won’t be able to groom your dog with just this purchase…. unless you only do the paws and eyes.

This is a very feasible idea. For some breeds, grooming is not mandatory and a small pass over sensitive or dirty areas – unless you have boots, dog paws are a nest of dirt – is enough.

The quality of the pair is undeniable. Very fine, its shape is perfect for novice masters who are afraid of doing wrong. But, conversely, this size is not easy for people with big fingers.

A pair of scissors to reserve for a few touch-ups, not for a complete grooming.


How to choose your pair of dog scissors?

The quality of the cut is the main criterion. If you want to buy a cheap pair of poor quality grooming scissors, you will end up with an accessory that cuts poorly. Besides wasting time, it will annoy your pet or even hurt him if it is not effective on knots.

Once this criterion is fulfilled, take the scissors adapted to your need. They are not the same for cutting hair as for removing a little thickness with the pre-summer grooming.

Make sure there is enough room for your fingers according to your size.

Pairs of grooming scissors are not equipment where you can make big mistakes. By using mid-range scissors such as those shown in this comparison, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

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