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Comparison of the best shampoos for dogs and puppies

Does your dog smell or have a lot of dirt stuck in his hair? A good bath, a little shampoo and a brushing will allow his coat to regain its natural beauty.

I wash my bitches between two and four times a year. That’s more than enough. So if you are looking for quality care, here is a list of the dog shampoos I recommend.

Burt’s Bees Dog Shampoo: my favorite brand!

Burt's Bees Dog Shampoo


  • quality shampoos
  • multiple references available
  • easy to use
  • coat of the dog that reacts well

Of course I start with my favorite brand: Burt’s Bees. I constantly use its products with Jodie and Mookie.

Since they are 2 and 4 years old, I use a classic dog shampoo like this one. It is suitable for all coat types. The bottle is large and I’m halfway through it and I’ve had it since last year.

It contains multiple vitamins and wheat protein. These supplements help keep your doggie’s coat as beautiful as before.

The shampoo bottle is handy. With the small zipper, you quickly put a few drops of shampoo in your hand and because it is large, it doesn’t fall out of the bathtub all the time.

The gel is compact enough not to spill between your fingers and spreads well over your dog’s body.

For my bitches, who weigh 5 and 8 kg, I put 5/6 hazelnuts on their paws which are often very dirty because they spend a lot of time running in the grass. Lather well by rubbing and rinse abundantly. On average, the shower lasts 10 minutes per bitch.

The neutral PH avoids the allergies. The smell, similar to reason, is pleasant, but does not make your dog look like a Sephora saleswoman. I am really won over by these products.

Beaphar also sells other professional dog shampoos. When my bitches were puppies, I loved the Beaphar reference. The scent is too good. You get the impression that the animal smells like a little baby. Here is the link to discover the puppy shampoo.

For breeds that often have knots in the coat, detangling shampoo is a great alternative. I use it when my bitches haven’t been to the groomer for a few months. Here is the link to discover the detangling shampoo for dogs.

By following the two previous links, you can also find out about other Beaphar shampoos such as those made for white coats, which fight itching or ensure a perfect coat shine.

Dog shampoo for dermatitis

Dog shampoo for dermatitis

This Adaxio dog shampoo is often recommended by veterinarians for the treatment of skin diseases in dogs such as dermatitis.

Manufactured by Ceva Animal Health, a pharmaceutical company, the effects observed on affected dogs are remarkable. To benefit from it, follow the rhythm recommended on the bottle: 2 washes per week and then when the symptoms diminish, 1 wash per week.

This means that the 500 ml bottle can be quickly finished. But, if that’s the price to pay for a dog with beautiful skin and a flawless coat, it’s worth the cost!

If your dog doesn’t have a problem with good looks, you can still use this shampoo to wash him. But since it is a treatment, the price is quite high and it is better to stay on the Beaphar to save money.


100% natural dog shampoo

100% natural dog shampoo


  • 6 in 1 shampoo
  • natural ingredients
  • good smell
  • suitable for all coats


  • fairly liquid shampoo

Produced by the American brand “The Healthy Dog Co”, the shampoo is advertised as a miracle worker. Americans love products that do it all and this one is the best proof of that:

  • It cleans the coat.
  • It nourishes the coat.
  • It moisturizes the dog’s skin.
  • It reduces knots.
  • Prevents itching and germs.
  • It smells good!

Impressive, isn’t it? When you use it, the first surprise is that it does all these things quite well. All the masters I come across who have tried this product appreciate the smell and the results.

The ingredients are natural (lemongrass, rosemary and tea tree). The dog tolerates it very well and it adapts to all coats and all ages.

The small downside is the consistency of the product. The shampoo remains very liquid and you use a lot at once. Nevertheless, the cost remains low because it is recommended not to wash your dog all the time.


Dog shampoo for a shiny coat

Dog shampoo for a shiny coat


  • orange flavor
  • keeps the dog’s coat shiny
  • presence of vitamins B3


  • low density liquid

This dog shampoo has been specially designed to keep your pet’s coat shiny. It is made of natural citric acid and vitamin B3.

If you have a dog with a long and shiny coat, it might be a good idea to take such a shampoo.

Just like the previous product, it is made in the United States. The capacity is quite small since the bottle contains only 350 ml of liquid. As the shampoo is not very dense, you may only be able to do two washes with a large dog and four with a small one.

The shampoo smells very good. With its orange scent, you will love to give your pet a big hug when you get out of the shower.

Some customers seem to have had problems with the packaging and received the shampoo open. This is a shame even for a cheap dog shampoo, but if this happens to you, I recommend you send it back directly. Amazon will reimburse you without any further questions.

This dog care brand sells many references. If you would like to try it, feel free to take two or three to decide which shampoo is best for your pet, or to go along with ear care.


Avocado Shampoo for Dogs

Avocado Shampoo for Dogs


  • original avocado perfume
  • two shampoos for the price of one
  • easy to spread


  • shampoo really too liquid
  • slight impact on the shine of the hair

This shampoo is sold by the Khara brand. Less known than Beaphar, I discovered it at my niece’s who took this product for her French bulldog.

Marketed in batches of two bottles, the shampoo has an original, but sweet avocado scent. This makes it possible to change with the classic aromas of the manufacturers.

The consistency is very liquid. It is a pity because it forces you to put a lot of shampoo to wash even a medium sized dog like the bulldog. When I compare with my Beaphar products, the difference is considerable.

Apart from that, it does the job. It lathers well and spreads quickly all over the dog. The shine of the coat is correct after bathing (wait until the dog is dry and brushed again to get an idea), but not exceptional.

This is therefore a shampoo for puppies or dogs of average quality. I prefer the ones put before on this comparator.


How to choose the ideal shampoo for your dog?

As the owner, your first reflex will be to linger on the perfume. It’s a habit we all have when we choose our own toiletries. But, as with dogs too, scent is not the only relevant criterion.

On the contrary, I even recommend that you first make sure that the product respects the dog. It always has to be a shampoo specifically designed for plushies, and it should always be for the European or American markets, where standards are stricter. This will avoid inconveniences such as allergies or itching.

Then, concerning the type of shampoo, make a clear distinction between products for puppies and for dogs. Both have different needs for their skin and coat.

Special shampoos (shine, light coat, detangling…) are fine if you have a specific case. For my part, I stay on the basic product and am satisfied with it.

When you use the shampoo, remember to remove dead hairs beforehand (with a Furminator for example) to make sure that the coat that holds is the one that benefits from the shampoo. Rinse well before leaving the bath, dry the dog and let him get excited (he often feels like it after a wash), then brush him back to his best coat.

Take care of your dog with a special shampoo

The hygiene and cleanliness of your pet is important. If you want your dog to have a beautiful soft and shiny coat, the solution is in the shampoo. You must indeed wash your pet, and you can do this from the age of three months. If you do it early enough, when he is not yet an adult, he will quickly get used to it and the bath will not be a torture for him. On the contrary, you will have a good time with him and he will come out clean.

People who don’t like the smell of some dogs will be happy to know that with a shampoo, the dog gives off a delicious, fresh scent. You can find the right dog shampoo for your pet on the internet. You can choose a moisturizing shampoo, a repairing shampoo or an anti-parasite shampoo. The products are French, and top-of-the-range. There are several of them and you will undoubtedly find the one that suits your pet.

From now on, you can go and order it online to plan a good bath for your best friend. With time, it will become a special moment between you two so don’t waste any more time.

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