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Comparison of the best dog stairs

Dog stairs are the type of product that you don’t suspect until the day your dog, old, sick or recovering, needs help to get to the top.

We have made for you a comparator of the best stairs for your pet. If your dog needs help, provide him with the best on the market!

Petsafe Wooden stairs for dogs

Petsafe Wooden stairs for dogs


  • easy to assemble
  • ergonomics
  • solid

This staircase of two steps exists in black and white. It helps your dogs to reach sofas, beds and to overcome all the small heights that are difficult for them. The Petsfit puppy or elderly/injured dog stairs have steps covered with non-slip material.

The set weighs 8 lbs and is at a height of about 15 inches. It is made of pine and has several holes. They are both entertainment for the dog, but also a practical place to store some of his belongings such as a chew bone.


This pet staircase is an excellent product. The finishes are perfect and the whole is very solid. Masters also appreciate the simplicity of assembly. The holes are partially drilled and it will only take a few minutes to assemble it.

Dogs have no difficulty adopting it to climb stairs. The staircase is stable and accepts dogs up to 60 lbs. It is the best staircase for big dogs.

The two large holes on the sides can allow you to lift the staircase further to take the dog to a height he cannot reach.

The flooring prevents the dog from slipping while climbing up the stairs. This is a significant advantage when his legs are wet, even more so if he is older because he will have fewer reflexes.



“Don’t aggravate your dog’s bone problems and buy a staircase for him.

This model is suitable for all sizes and the height between the steps remains low for a quick ascent.

In addition, there is enough space on each step for your dog to be comfortable.

When patients ask me for advice, I direct them to this staircase!”


3 step staircase for dog

3 step staircase for dog

  • high height
  • well balanced difficulty
  • deep steps
  • voluminous

This staircase goes up to almost 60 cm and is composed of three steps. The manufacturer Rosewood tried to make this small dog stepladder an ergonomic accessory with, in particular, deep steps.

Each step is slightly inclined to make it easier to climb. The covering of the step is non-slip and it can be removed to go in the washing machine.

Several sticks placed at the base of the canine staircase are used to ensure a good grip.


It’s hard to tell the difference between this Rosewood staircase and the Petsfit. Both are excellent steps for your dog. Your choice should be based on the height you need: 60 cm for one and 50 cm for the other.

This staircase is also very stable and comes in two colors: chocolate and white. Big dogs like the width of the steps which support their four legs without any problem and without the need to balance.

The difference between each step, about 20 cm, is well dosed. Any breed, even a small dog like a Yorkshire, can climb over it without difficulty.

This model is a little larger, but still easy to assemble.


Staircase 2 steps for small dog

Staircase 2 steps for small dog

  • ideal for small dogs
  • only for small dogs

This model is a staircase for small dog only. The steps are wide and deep for a small breed, but this is very difficult for dogs weighing more than 10 lbs.

As with the 3-step staircase, there is a slope between the levels so that the dog can rise more easily.

All other features are similar, except the height (obviously, since there are only two steps) which is only 40 cm high.


This is one of the best stairs for small dogs. Afterwards, it’s a pity that it is not at all adapted to the biggest sizes. If you put a labrador in this staircase, he will feel stuck like in a prison.

You can even see from customer comments that a master with a spaniel finds the accessory too small.

Otherwise, the qualities of the material are all there: an ideal inclination, a suitable height, solid materials?


Petsafe 4 steps dog stairs

Petsafe 4 steps dog stairs

  • easy mounting of the dog
  • the removable cover
  • height too low

Among this dog stairs comparator, this Petsafe model is the only one adapted to very big dogs. Indeed, it supports up to 70 lbq on its steps.

In spite of the four steps, its height remains among the standards with 49 cm vertically. It folds for easy storage.

On each step, you will find a coating that prevents the dog from slipping when climbing the stairs.


This Petsafe staircase has beautiful qualities. It is the only one that can be stored so easily thanks to its folding side. It is an undeniable plus in small interiors where such an accessory quickly takes up a lot of space.

While remaining light (about 2 lbs), it supports large sizes. The steps are not deep enough for a big dog to stop its four legs on the same height, but it can climb. However, the Petsfit model looks better for large dogs (up to 50 lbs).

Aesthetically, it is not the most beautiful and the plastic aspect can be unpleasant. But, you don’t buy a dog staircase to embellish your living room…


Staircase with beige cover

Staircase with beige cover

  • beautiful staircase
  • easy to store
  • insufficient stability
  • very small steps

Trixies offers with this staircase an all-wood accessory. Its style really looks like a piece of furniture so that it fits in your interior.

This staircase measures 45 cm high and is composed of 3 steps. These are small steps that await your doggie. The brand recommends this product for all dogs weighing less than 50 lbs.

Honestly, above 10 lbs, your dog will find it difficult to hold on the fairly small steps.


The particularity of this staircase is the removable steps. Indeed, it is possible to store them by folding them. The initial idea is for easy storage, but in practice, it is far from being comfortable for your dog.

On the contrary, there is a lack of stability that comes from the structure and your companions, already not very comfortable in climbing, will sometimes have difficulty climbing.

Secondly, the size of the steps is a real problem since for most dogs, they are far too small.

It’s a pity because visually, it was a very nice dog stairs and the finishes are rather good.


How to choose the right staircase for your dog?

When reading the dog stairs tests, you surely understood that there were two criteria that were more important than the others: height and the target audience.

Before buying your staircase or using a lifting harness instead, look at the height you need. If all the places your dog climbs are below 50 cm, take a 2-step, otherwise a 3-step is a better idea.

Make sure you choose a staircase with sufficient depth for your pet. All models are good for small dogs, but as you increase in size and weight, the choice becomes much smaller.

As the staircase is destined to stay in your bedroom or living room often, don’t neglect the aesthetic aspect.

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