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Comparison of the best dog tents

Different from classic kennels, dog tents offer a resting place for your companion. In a garden or interior, they stand out positively and are a great accessory.

We have made a comparison of the most beautiful dog tents for you.¬†Each model has its own style. It’s up to you to choose the one you prefer the most!

Tent for dogs under 22 lbs

Tent for dogs under 22 lbs


  • beautiful tent existing in two colors
  • ultra comfortable for the dog
  • can be assembled and disassembled quickly
  • light environment for the dog
  • quick cleaning



This little tent is delicious. It is far from crude and offers protection for the dog, a particularly comfortable cushion with the words “Go good night” and a base that serves as a very soft basket.

The tent is made entirely of cotton and does not have any threads in all directions. This is handy to prevent the dog from destroying it in a few minutes by pulling on it .

The dog tent measures 63 x 43 x 63 cm and is available in blue and pink. It is therefore suitable for puppies and dogs up to 12 kg.

The tent can be put up and taken down in a few minutes. So you can take it out in the garden when the weather is nice so your dog can shelter from the heat and still enjoy the nice weather. Afterwards, it can easily be stored in a cupboard. If you want to keep it up all the time, put some glue on it to make sure that the walls stay firmly in place.

Dogs love the soft side, where many tents offer a hard floor and a dark environment.

Contrary to appearances, the tent is easy to clean. Simply brush or even turn the base over to shake it off. Since the product weighs only a few kilos, it requires little effort.


Wooden dog tepee

Wooden dog tepee


  • very nice tepee
  • wooden frames
  • two sizes available
  • waterproof tipi


  • it is preferable to add a blanket for a comfortable floor

The tipi basket is becoming more and more common among dogs. Its westerns-smelling style is unbeatable. It’s especially cute to see his hairball coming in and out of his tipi as if he were Geronimo.

This dog tepee is available in two different sizes:

  • S, for dogs up to 7 kg.
  • L, for dogs between 7 and 15 kg.

The model you receive does not have the small “Sweet Home” sign and it is highly recommended to add a small comfortable blanket on the floor so that your dog is more comfortable lying down.

Made of wood, the frames are solid and can be put in place without difficulty. The tipi is waterproof, so if it is outside and it rains a little, don’t panic. Your dog will then have a great place to protect himself and watch the rainfall.

The tipi can be put inside as well as outside. Because it is easy to take apart and transport, you can vary according to the season and even take it on vacation so that your doggie feels at home. Its sober style fits everywhere.

The entrance curtains are very beautiful and two buttons to fix them. This way, the teepee is always open for your pet’s enjoyment.


Panel tent for dogs

Panel tent for dogs


  • several sizes
  • ideal for camping
  • good visibility for the dog
  • folds ergonomically


  • fragile closures

This tent is perfect to be taken to a camping site. The excellent previous models were all open and the dog had less protection.

This one is paneled. It can be quickly assembled and disassembled, and folds up so that it takes up very little space in the trunk of a car.

There are three sizes available: the S (74 x 74 x 43 cm), the L (90 x 90 x 58 cm) and the XL (110 x 110 x 71 cm). This last size is very large so you can put a dog of about 50 kilos in it or use it as a puppy park. It is rare to find tents that are so practical for large dogs.

The design, with the paw patterns, is beautiful. If you don’t like the brown color, it is also available in blue and red. Another advantage of this model is that the nets around the tent offer a good visibility for the dog. He is not afraid in his tent and enjoys looking around.

The upper part opens and closes. Do this depending on whether the sun is beating down and if there are insects.

The doggie enters through a small door that closes with a zipper. It’s a little small for big, clumsy dogs and you’ll have to help them get in. But if your dog is small or agile, there’s no problem. Gently handle the zipper pulls as they seem quite fragile. In the worst case, if it breaks, buy a new one. This will be cheaper than changing a new tent.

A small piece of advice that does not concern the product: this tent is recommended for camping. However, keep a constant eye on your dog and avoid leaving him completely alone on a crossing. Idiots who steal or assault animals unfortunately exist …


Green dog tent

Green dog tent


  • very large tent
  • good protection
  • closure to close the tent


  • confined space not suitable for all dogs

This tent is a model that resembles those we use for human beings to camp. You have several panels to ensure good ventilation inside.

The dimensions of this Alcott dog tent are 71 x 89 x 114 cm. It is fixed with pegs for better stability. There is enough space for a large dog and its basket.

The closure allows you to lock the animal for the night so that it can sleep soundly until you wake up. It does not have a good view like the previous model of dog tent comparator since the walls are opaque.

It is a very good tent especially for its small price. The only downside is that this feeling of confinement makes some dogs feel uncomfortable in it. This is often the feeling of dependent or indoor dogs. It is therefore reserved for independent dogs used to solitude.


How to choose your tent or dog teepee?

Your use guides your choice.

So, if you want to choose a dog tent for camping, it is important to have a product that closes like the last two models of our comparator. On the other hand, for a tent or tipi for your home, an opening is a good choice. This way the dog can move around as he pleases.

A tepee is really a charming accessory for your dog.

The dimensions of the tent should be checked each time. Many models are too small for large dogs.

On the other hand, don’t go for a one-person tent because it will be much too big and may take up all the space in your living room…

Aesthetics are obviously important, especially if you make it an interior accessory. So a tipi is a wonderful solution for your living room, whereas a real tent will not be very suitable.

The waterproofing and the ability to protect from heat will do your doggie the most good if you put the tent outside. If you move the material around a lot, make sure that the tent can be set up quickly and, when folded, takes up little space. Strength is also a priority in this case. For example, if the tipi looks good, its construction will be damaged if you constantly take it down, whereas a tent like the Alcott one is designed for such use.

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