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Comparison of the best GPS collars

Worried your dog might run away or get lost? A GPS beacon allows you to find him quickly by showing you his exact location. A happiness and a great security!

We have made for you a comparator of the best GPS dog collars.

GPS Collar FitBark

GPS Collar FitBark


  • light and solid beacon
  • exemplary precision of geolocation
  • ergonomic and useful application
  • a lot of information available

Here is a GPS dog collar that I have tested extensively: the FitBark. I took a 6 months subscription and I also wrote a complete article about the product. It is available here: full test of the FitBark.

Like most GPS collars, it works with a subscription system with a price between $3.50 and $7.90 per month depending on the duration of the commitment.

Small and lightweight, the FitBark GPS beacon is easily attached to the collar or harness with a plastic holder provided in the box. The accuracy of the geolocation is remarkable. Whether in the city or in the country, I’ve always had excellent results. It’s perfect to find a dog that has run away.

All this tracking can be done via a smartphone application or on a computer. In addition to this precise geolocalization of your dog, the application allows you to have a summary of your outings with the number of kilometers traveled, average speed, fastest speed, duration of activity…

This allows you to have a real tracking of your dog when you leave him alone in the garden, but also to ensure effective tracking when you go out walking or running with him.

Very reassuring, a runaway alert is available. To make it work, you set up zones. When the dog exceeds the limits, you receive an immediate notification on your phone to warn you. I set up a zone corresponding to the garden of my house and if Jodie runs away, I will be notified.

Solid, safe, full of features, this FitBark beacon is a real success!


GPS collar big dog Tractive

GPS collar big dog Tractive


  • gps easy to put
  • beautiful precision
  • cheap application
  • suitable for large dogs

Here is a GPS collar that will be perfect for a big dog! Proposed by the brand Tractive, specialized in GPS objects for animals, this collar is made for animals over 20 kg.

Weighing only 142 grams, it does not bother your dog during his walks. He can therefore keep it constantly (which I warmly recommend!).

This little GPS beacon is fixed on the dog’s collar or harness as you can see on this picture of Jodie wearing the following tracer (the Tractive for small dogs).

tractive gps for dog
Jodie with her Tractive GPS.

The battery has a long autonomy. You can use the GPS dog tracker for six weeks in a row.

If you need a GPS collar for a big dog, this is definitely the one for you!


Small Dog GPS Collar

Small Dog GPS Collar


  • very precise localization
  • ability to define virtual boundaries
  • monthly subscription
  • light beacon

This glue is the same as the previous one, but for small dogs and cats. So you can imagine that I appreciate this GPS collar. It’s the one you see on the picture of Jodie just above. It fits all dogs between 4 and 20 kg.

The tag is light (less than 35 g). This weight doesn’t change anything in the dog’s feeling and I didn’t observe any discomfort for Jodie. The few uses and tests carried out, even on hiking trails, have shown high quality results. The location is ultra-precise. It is really an ideal accessory to prevent running away.

If I had a large garden and a runaway dog, like huskies, I would take a runaway fence for the house and a GPS beacon for walks. Sometimes even trained dogs run after prey or just run away just because they are excited…

For Jodie, I rarely untie her or play ball on the grass in front of my house. So I opted for a monthly subscription that I only activate when I go to potentially dangerous places (ex: camping bungalow).

The big advantage is that you can set on the virtual borders application. If the dog passes them, you will receive a notification. This is perfect to react immediately and prevent the dog from going far away and risking an accident …


julien labadiotIT’S OUR EDUCATOR’CHOICE!

“The GPS collar is, without question, a great security. What I like about the Tractive collars is that you can feel the know-how of the brand.

They are reliable. The dog is quickly found and the system works in 99% of places and in multiple countries.

There is not really any work to do with the dog because the light beacon does not disturb him.

I strongly recommend wearing a GPS Tractive collar in addition to work to teach the dog to call back.ยป

– Julien Labadiot, behaviorist in Brittany, France

GPS dog collar Petfon

GPS dog collar Petfon


  • key to train the dog to recall
  • easy to use
  • ergonomic application


  • Difficulty of location on covered land
  • shorter battery life than the Tractive

The Petfon is a GPS collar that has a nice notoriety. It works in about a hundred countries and has a relevance in the geolocalization of the dog which allows to find him quickly.

The latter is updated every ten seconds. This means that if you are looking for a dog that runs or moves quickly, you are not engaged in an endless hunt. Overall, the tracker application is very easy to use.

The GPS beacon has a sound system. This is a very practical feature found on training collars. The best is to perfect the dog’s learning with this sound. Train him to come back when the sound sounds and you could avoid running away later.

Unfortunately, it’s harder to apply when the dog is in a slightly covered area such as a forest. Places that Tractive covers much better.

The duration of the beacon is only 2 to 4 days. It is therefore advisable to always bring a charger with you even if you go camping.

In summary, the Petfon is a good GPS dog collar. However, its higher price than Tractive does not translate into better performance. On the contrary. So I’m sticking with my first choice: the Tractive collar is better.


GPS beacon for dogs with free application

GPS beacon for dogs with free application


  • position refreshed every 5 seconds
  • free follow-up on the internet


  • internet connection required for tracking
  • necklace that widens
  • not best for the safety of the dog

This GPS tracker for dogs stands out from the competition by offering a free application. This is a big difference compared to all other collars and it represents a significant saving in the long term.

To access the dog’s location, you must nevertheless be on the Internet, which is obviously problematic if you are looking for your dog in an environment with a random mobile network or if you are abroad.

The position of the dog is refreshed every 5 seconds. So you have a very good tracking… if you have your Internet connection!

The product is more reserved for large dogs because it is cumbersome. Its battery has a short lifespan and you have to recharge it every two days or so.

The collar tends to widen a little. This is potentially dangerous because it could get caught in something or fall off the dog.

So this is a collar that is far from displaying the qualities of the first ones of this GPS dog tracker comparator. It can be purchased for rare use and in well-covered places (e.g. finding your dog in your very large garden), but the flaws in the network or the collar are too strong to really guarantee your dog’s safety elsewhere.


How to choose your GPS dog collar?

The most important criterion is the efficiency of the location system. The GPS collar is not an insignificant accessory. Its role is to save your dog’s life. This is why I am talking to you so much in these tests about the efficiency of the dog’s geolocation.

This criterion goes hand in hand with the application. It must be accessible from anywhere and easy to understand. I strongly advise you to practice on it as soon as you receive the collar and not wait until you have a problem to do so.

There is often, in dog products, a differentiation between small and large dogs. This is still the case with GPS collars, so think about it when you buy. In general, collars for large dogs are heavier and can be a nuisance to a small doggie.

The other criteria (aesthetics, autonomy, price) also matter in your decision, but they are not the priorities for me. My first priority has always been the safety of the dog even if it means a few euros of expenses per month.

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