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Comparison of the best life jackets for dogs

Dog buoys and flotation vests are your doggie’s best allies in staying on the surface. Never neglect them if you take your doggie swimming or boating.

Lifejackets are the ultimate protection highly recommended by canine experts. We have made for you a comparison of the best dog life jackets.

Dog Lifejacket

Dog Lifejacket


  • several sizes available
  • a large solid handle
  • guaranteed flotation
  • ergonomic fasteners

Ruffwear is a great brand of canine accessories. If its harnesses are very well known, we should not underestimate its ability to make a good canine lifejacket like this product.

It comes in three colors and six different sizes. It attaches with two clips under the belly and there is a tightening strap at the neck which, in addition to remaining attached to the dog, keeps its mouth and muzzle out of the water.

There is a handle on top of the vest for the handler or another bather to grab it. This is very useful to bring a dog who panics in the water back to shore.


Choosing this lifejacket is a great idea regardless of the breed and size of your doggie. The variety of sizes fits all sizes. The description by following the Amazon link gives you the size table. In any case, take advantage of the free return to order two life jackets and keep only the one that fits your dog best.

It is advisable to choose a size that fits well so that the dog doesn’t slip in and the lifejacket keeps him well out of the water. This will be done with this Ruffwear lifejacket which ensures a good flotation of the vest while leaving a great freedom of movement.

The dog can swim and have fun without any constraint. You can leave him in the water, always with a little supervision, but don’t be afraid that he will sink. The straps are ergonomic and weatherproof.

The solid handle on the vest is a very good idea, to lift your dog or in case of a big emergency, it simplifies the rescuer’s task. But it is also useful for moving in the water. Turn him a little with the handle if you ever see him too far away from the spot and he will swim the right way.


Dog Sport Lifejacket

Dog Sport Lifejacket


  • float placed under the jaw
  • reflective stripes
  • variety of sizes and colors
  • good buoyancy
  • cheap vest


  • shorter lifespan than Ruffwear

This lifejacket is available in six colors and five sizes. Several colors are bright, which is an additional safety feature to have a better visibility of your dog in the water. However, I really advise you to always keep an eye on your dog. He can be even more careless than a young child, especially since water has the ability to excite or scare animals.

There is a front float on this model. The dog puts his jaw on it and he will always be out of the water. There is also a handle on top to direct it and attachments. They are lateral.


Once again, the variety of sizes and colors for this lifejacket delights all masters. Choose it according to your tastes, but also the need for safety. If you often go sailing at the end of the day, a fluorescent color will be an extra help to find your doggie if he falls at sea.

In addition, this model has reflective stripes on the sides. This is an excellent addition that does not detract from the beauty of the product, but is a great protection for the dog in the water.

Another interesting addition is the small float under his head. Shy dogs in the water hate to have liquid coming near their snout. By being a little elevated, it limits the water flow in this area.

The side ties are a big plus because they are easy to put on and take off. They wear out a little faster than the previous model, but considering that this is a cheap dog lifejacket, this is normal. All in all, for a few monthly outings, this is an excellent choice. For a more intensive use, the Ruffwear offers you a longer life span of all parts of the accessory.

Flotation Jacket for dogs

Flotation Jacket for dogs


  • an attachment ring for a leash
  • reflective stripes
  • beautiful ergonomics


  • small handle
  • bulky accessory for small dogs

This jacket model is available in yellow and red, and in five sizes. It also has a handle on the back of your doggie.

The straps are on the top of the dog. Reflective stripes are visible on the lower part of the canine flotation jacket to improve its visibility in the water. There is also a ring on the vest for the owner to attach the dog with a leash.

A zippered pocket is on the back of the vest. This can allow you to put your phone number so you can easily find yourself in case the dog runs away or less serious things like a toy or the leash.


The good idea of this vest is the ring to attach the leash. If you’re in a large area such as a pond, river or ocean, tying it to the animal’s vest can prevent it from drifting or going too far away from you. You can also try swimming with your dog.

If there’s a little current, it’s even a great idea. However, connect it to your handle and not your foot, which may be inconvenient for you to swim and therefore potentially very dangerous with a risk of drowning.

The jacket is easy to put on and fasten, visibility is good and it can legitimately be said that it is a very good product. We regret a little that the handle is so small on the top and the fact that the vest is very imposing. Favour it for big dogs. For small models like my Jodie (Cavalier King Charles), a lighter accessory is better.


Adjustable flotation vest for dogs – Shark style

Adjustable flotation vest for dogs


  • key to train the dog to recall
  • easy to use
  • ergonomic application


  • Difficulty of location on covered land
  • shorter battery life than the Tractive

Made in Oxford, this lifejacket is available in S, M and L and several colors. The straps are made of velcro and there is a front float to help the dog keep his head above water.


This very good vest for dogs in the water is not for everyone. Indeed, the limited size range makes it accessible to dogs between 6 and 35 kg. Above or below, it will not fit.

The vest wraps well around the animal’s body. The front float is removable. It is not as effective as those found on other products in this comparator and it wouldn’t be surprising if you never put it on.

The dog’s flotation is perfect. It feels great with it. The velcro fasteners are an amazing choice because water can make you worry that the fasteners will not attach properly after a while. Reading the comments of the owners who purchased this dog lifejacket, we don’t see any criticism on this part. This is a good sign!

There is also a ring and a handle at the top of the vest. So you can hold your dog easily.


How to choose the right lifejacket for your dog?

Choosing the vest as protection for your dog in the water is an excellent decision to prevent your pet from drowning. Even if a dog is a natural swimmer, his fear may cause him to lose his reflexes and his excitement may cause him to go too far without having the physical ability to come back, even in a simple pool.

He holds on well and unlike a buoy, your dog can’t get out of it. This doesn’t prevent you from being careful when your dog is in the water, never forcing him to get wet (some dogs are afraid of water) and accompanying him so that he doesn’t drift.

This Husky seems to be on his way to the Olympics… with a nice lifejacket!

When it comes to your purchase decision, size is obviously the priority. Always choose a fitted model. A tight jacket is better than a too wide one, because it might leave or get in the way of your dog.

Try to find a dog vest that is clearly visible. As you can see from this comparison of flotation jackets, manufacturers often have the good idea to use only bright colors. This is imperative in the water to find your pet in one look. Some models have reflective stripes. This is not useless.

The strength of the fasteners is another key point. All the models presented on this page guarantee a good fit of the vest on your pet’s back. This is why we recommend them to you. A small central float is a good addition as well, but it is not mandatory. Dogs that are not afraid of water do not take much care of it.

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