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Comparison of the best wet dog food

For his good health, the dog requires a balanced and rich food. After having tested a few foods such as kibbles, I propose you to discover today’s pâtés.

To help you choose the best dog food, here is my ranking.

Cesar adult dog wet food – Lot of 16

Cesar adult dog wet food - Lot of 16


  • nutritious food
  • taste adored by dogs
  • helps to keep the dog well hydrated
  • balanced

Mash trays are a moist food that protects the dog’s urinary tract, kidneys and liver and prevents the development of various health problems such as kidney stones.

Marketed by the Cesar company, these trays for adult dogs contain many nutrients. For more than 25 years, Cesar’s nutritionists have been developing these recipes and creating meals that are both healthy and delicious for your pet.

Here are some of the advantages of this variety:

  • A delicious taste with fine bites of chicken carefully selected for the dog’s delicate palate ;
  • The trays remain a lovingly prepared, 100% complete and balanced set of recipes for all adult dogs;
  • They are healthy and delicious meals with carefully selected ingredients;
  • No sugar, flavor or artificial coloring added, they ensure a balanced diet for your pet;
  • They contain good vegetables, useful vitamins and minerals to guarantee your dog a healthy and delicious meal.

I rarely buy my bitches pâté because with their big ears, they end up smelling like pâté and need a bath… But, when I do, I take those Cesar trays which have never disappointed me and remain cheap.



“Many owners totally ignore the pâtée. However, apart from the culinary pleasure for the dog, it is very useful. In summer, it allows a better hydration in the middle of a heat wave.

These Cesar trays are very good. They are perfectly dosed to provide the necessary nutrients for the dog. But, the Pedigree trays also do the trick.”


Fresh bags in sauce

Fresh bags in sauce


  • for a meal or as a snack
  • bag full of delicious and balanced flavors
  • easy to serve

These types of dog pies contain preventive and curative properties. Depending on whether your pet appreciates them very well or less well, you can give them as a small snack, a real meal with kibbles or as a single food.

These freshness sachets will simplify your task if you have to go out quickly and you don’t have the time to make a special meal for your companion. All you have to do is take a batch and put it in his bowl.

Here are some other advantages of this pâtée:

  • This product consists mainly of chicken and vegetables, useful for a balanced diet;
  • This dog food remains complete and adequate for adult dogs of all ages;
  • This product guarantees your pet healthy and delicious meals;
  • It is carefully composed by Cesar’s experts and contains quality ingredients necessary for the growth and well-being of the dog;
  • Each meal remains 100% complete and is prepared from selected meats, good vegetables, vitamins and minerals;
  • The CESAR freshness packets are a delicious menu that your dog will not fail to appreciate;
  • They can be used as a basic or alternative food with kibbles in some recipes.

If you choose to give your dog only the freshness sachets, be sure to give him the right amount to avoid him getting too hungry and conversely, if you give him with croquettes, limit the portion of croquettes so as not to make him gain weight.


Pedigree Vital Protection dog food

Pedigree Vital Protection dog food


  • available in convenient format
  • several tastes
  • low in fat


  • some dogs have a hard time with

Always in search of the best recipes for a balanced diet for your pet, I offer Pedigree Vital Protection dog food. It is a complete food that is ideal for adult dogs of all ages. To make a quick meal for your little companion, this is the product you need to get.

Here are its main characteristics:

  • Available in a practical format, ideal for feeding and pleasing all small dogs;
  • Produced in 4 varieties in jelly in 48 pouches: 12 x Beef, 12 x Chicken, 12 x Lamb and 12 x Poultry ;
    100% complete and balanced meals with less than 7% fat ;
  • A recipe with no sugar, no artificial coloring, no artificial flavor, no added preservatives, for the good health of the dog;
  • A meal guaranteeing optimal nutrition, promoting strong natural defenses and ensuring strong bones, healthy skin and coat, and very good digestion.

While most dogs will love the food, the more difficult ones are sometimes reluctant and snobbish. With bitches like mine, I wouldn’t have any worries since they eat everything. But, if your doggie is a selective doggie, it is better to go for Cesar trays.


Amazon Turkey and Vegetable wet food for Dogs

Amazon Turkey and Vegetable wet food for Dogs


  • moist and delicious recipe
  • easy digestion
  • rich in vitamins and minerals


  • fragile packaging
  • often out of stock

The last food that I suggest for the good nutrition of your pet does not seem less interesting than the previous ones. It also has many advantages for the well-being and growth of your pet.

Marketed by True Instinct No Grain, a brand owned by Amazon, it remains a natural moist, balanced and unique recipe. To better appreciate it, here are its other advantages:

  • This product contains simple and healthy ingredients such as chicken, beef, salmon or turkey, mixed with vegetables, but without grains ;
  • It is easy to digest and contains tasty nutrients, ideal for dogs sensitive to grains;
  • These pâtés do not contain cereals or gluten, but top quality protein;
  • They strengthen dogs as they are rich in vitamins and minerals.

The disadvantage of this product is that it is often out of stock and I am not a fan of the rather fragile packaging.


How to choose your dog food?

To choose the ideal dog food for your dog, you must take into account certain important criteria:

  • The composition of the food: the best product should contain a high proportion of meat, vegetables and carbohydrates to cover the dog’s protein requirements. It should not contain any colouring agents or preservatives;
  • The age of your dog: the nutritional needs of the animal evolve according to its age, and the food provides important nutrients for its growth and muscle development. Younger dogs require more vitamins and minerals, while older dogs require a balanced diet;
  • The specific problems of the dog: in order to choose the best food, you must also consider the possible problems specific to your pet (overweight or any disease for example).

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