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What is the character of the Border Collie?

Considered one of the most intelligent sheepdogs, the border collie is known for its diverse physical talents, in addition to its intelligence. Very active, it can be an ideal companion.

If you plan to adopt one, it is important that you know its character traits before you see it in your home. This article tells you all about this magnificent dog.

Presentation of the Border Collie

This breed of dog is native to Great Britain, the male can measure between 48 and 56 cm and the females between 46 and 53 cm. They weigh between 12 and 20 kg and have a life expectancy of between 12 and 14 years.

They are agile and obedient, which allows you to have a good dog when you train him. These hairs can be either half-long or short, and they cover the entire surface of his skin by their density.

The coat of the Border Collie breed of dog may have several colors, but note that white never dominates.

As for all dogs, his diet must be healthy and balanced and adapted to his needs, so it must be especially rich in proteins and lipids.

Characteristics of border collie breed dogs

This breed of shepherd is known to be intelligent and hardworking. It is the ideal type of dog to watch over the flock since it always feels the need to gather anything that is likely to scatter or flee.

This unique character gives him the ability to protect his territory and his host family. The border collie is an excellent guardian for your home. It can also maintain good relations with other animals, as long as it has been used to them since childhood.

Your Border Collie may be reserved and a little fearful, but he will never be aggressive towards strangers. It is recommended that you teach your dog to socialize at a young age. He has a submissive instinct that makes him a disciplined companion for his master, which makes it easier to train him.

Because of all the energy he has, a Border collie dog is described as hyperactive. In the event that the Border Collie is not involved in herding, it is important to find him an activity that allows him to use all of his talents.

You can use games that entertain and train him/her at the same time such as Frisbee, different types of agility and obedience races, canicross and other recreational activities for dogs. It is also recommended to take him out often for walks several times during the day. This will help to calm him down and accentuate his docility.

On the other hand, you may not know your dog when he feels abandoned by his master. This behaviour can also surface when your dog is inactive. Then, the border collie could become unhappy and may start to destroy everything.

However, this state of your dog can be avoided when he feels your presence and the importance you place on him. It is very advisable to find regular activities for him, because Border Collie is full of energy and it is important that he uses it.

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