Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Why use a dog crate?

The term “crate” sometimes has a pejorative connotation. We imagine an animal locked against its will in a confined space in which it is uncomfortable. However, this is a great misunderstanding of cages.

They can be used on many occasions, for the great pleasure of the animal.

Providing a place for the dog to soothe itself

Having a dog crate is a nice alternative to the classic bed. You put the crate in a quiet place, put a comfortable blanket on the floor and the dog will quickly love to come and sleep in it. This space is reserved for him, it is his place.

This helps the dog to feel comfortable in the house. Don’t forget that even if your companions follow you around the house, they also like to have a few moments of solitude by lying down to take a nap.


Defining his perimeter

For a dog who is forbidden access to certain furniture (sofa, bed) and rooms (bathroom, bedroom), it is difficult to decide on its privileged places. With a crate, he quickly understands that it is his private space.

When you argue with him, he likes to take refuge there and feel safe before coming back to see you a few minutes later. When there are a lot of strangers in the house and he doesn’t feel comfortable, he goes there too…

This perimeter can be taken everywhere with you. So when you are on vacation or staying with friends, take the dog crate. He will be less anxious and will quickly return to his crate.

Transporting the dog

The crate is a perfect tool to transport the dog. If you don’t want to carry it with your arms and let the dog move around according to your movements, the crate can be used flat in the car or on the plane.

Indeed, the crate put in the trunk, if it is an XXL crate, or on the back seat allows the dog not to dirty your cabin, but especially to be at ease during the trip. He can easily find his favorite position to fall asleep.

On planes, airlines force large dogs to travel in the cargo hold. If your dog is already used to his crate, his journey may be a little less stressful.

Keeping him and the area safe

A crate is a great protective accessory. If you’re in a house for a few hours where different animals can’t stay close without jumping on each other (e.g., a dog and a cat, two dominant males), there won’t be any incidents if they stay in their respective crates. However, make sure that this situation does not last too long.

The crate can also be used to prevent the dog from going to certain places. It is then used for containment. For example, this can happen when you wash the floors and do not want your dog to put his dirty paws on the wet floor right after you pass by.


On vacation, when you are away for less than two hours (e.g. dinner at a restaurant, a trip to the hotel pool…), leaving the dog in its closed crate can prevent it from committing destruction.

If the dog is really used to the accessory, it will not necessarily appreciate the situation, but will not be panicked for all that. To keep him at his best, leave a toy in the crate, a bone to chew on and turn on the TV so that he doesn’t suffer from a heavy silence.


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