About me

Lily, happy owner of two Cavaliers, Jodie and Mookie. Passionate and constantly learning about the needs of dogs.

You can’t become a good dog owner without knowing what’s right for your dog. For this reason, I had to learn a lot of things when I adopted Jodie (my youngest female dog) so that she would be happy and fulfilled.

Taking care of a dog includes a lot of things: training, grooming, feeding, but also understanding her needs, learning information on health problems, buying equipment to make her feel good in her home, meeting other dogs to improve her sociability…

By creating this website, I want to share my findings with you, give my opinions on certain materials or trends and exchange with owners who, like me, love their dogs.

Like any dog owner, I love to show pictures of my dogs. Indeed, it is no longer just one dog living with my husband and me, but two. A year and a half ago, I adopted Mookie. Both dogs have the same mother and it’s adorable to see how well they get along.

When one is shy (Mookie), the other has a tail that moves everywhere when she meets people and other dogs. The only thing they have in common? A desire to chase the neighborhood cats… What a cliché!

The presentation of each protagonist of this website being made, I wish you a good reading and if ever, you wish to join me for any question, use the contact form.

Just a little important information (or not): Lily is short for “Amélie”. And yes, I’m French and I currently live in France. So, I apologize in advance for any mistakes in my articles…