We are a parrot rescue whose sole purpose is to provide quality care and love for homeless and “special needs” parrots. Our mission is to help all parrots who need sanctuary, rehabilitation and rehoming as a result of owner misfortune, moving, and or major life changes that force their beloved companion’s unfortunate relinquishment.



We’ve got great birds that are looking for new homes. We will guide you through the adoption process to make sure that you and the bird are a perfect match. With over 20 years of experience handling exotic birds, we have a strong reputation for successful adoptions. We thoroughly interview adopters, guide them through the process, conduct home visits and provide basic parrot care education to assure that each adoption is a success story. more>>


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We are always interested in hearing from bird lovers who are considering volunteer work in this field. We prefer people with some experience and knowledge of exotic birds, especially large ones. Parrots are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures. We endeavor to maintain a positive and playful environment for them. Get involved today! Come meet the birds, learn about their care, and make new friends both parrot and human. more>>


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There are many easy ways to donate. Tiki, our sanctuary ambassador, pledges to turn in every dollar he finds! Your donations are 100% tax-deductible. The Lily Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Consider donating your time to volunteer, your treasure to care for rescued parrots, your in-kind goods or services. We also have many charity shopping partners. Leave a legacy by remembering The Lily Sanctuary in your will. more>>


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Since 1993, when importation of exotic birds was banned in the U.S., domestic breeding has flourished. Animals that once were rare and costly became more obtainable, and far too many parrots were purchased as “impulse buys.” Tragically, many parrots end up being relinquished. Read our story and testimonials. more>>



Our main focus is to find new homes for parrots through the adoption process. Parrots are relinquished to us from individuals, families, and, sadly, from hoarders who have become overwhelmed. New birds are evaluated for health and behavior issues, DNA tested, given a clean and appropriate sized cage, and provided with a healthy diet.



Parrots often come to the sanctuary exhibiting a variety of stress-related behaviors such as screaming, feather plucking or biting. We strive to rehabilitate and correct behavioral problems that result from neglect, abuse, and misinformation. We treat them with kindness, good diet, and daily interaction so they can heal and be ready for their new home.



Our educational program encourages potential parrot adopters to seek a bird that needs to be rehomed before considering purchasing from pet shops that specialize in exotic birds. With a life span nearly as long as a human, adopting a parrot is a huge commitment. Adopting a parrot is one of the best ways to help it to survive and thrive. more>>